Still bound for success in the second generation

Fluckinger Transport is a wholly owned and operated family business. Andreas Fluckinger has taken up the reins in the second generation, assuming joint charge of the business with his mother Sieglinde Fluckinger. He imbibed the workings of the enterprise from early infancy and observed the qualities required of a provider of international transport services. Following the much too premature death of his father in 2012, he took over the management and continues to run the Volders-based transport company with the same passion, great commitment and social responsibility.

Fluckinger management board
Sieglinde Fluckinger (Head of Finance), Alexandra Fluckinger (Marketing), Andreas Fluckinger (CEO)


Four decades on the road.
1979 - Fluckinger HGV

Andrä and Sieglinde Fluckinger start up a transport company in 1979 in Volders near the Tyrolean capital, Innsbruck.

Just one truck is deployed on the north-south route from Tyrol to Scandinavia. Andrä Fluckinger himself is at the steering wheel in the early years.

1980s - Fluckinger Transport HGV

The specialist skills of Fluckinger Transport soon become apparent in finding solutions to challenging transport assignments which do not fit the standard mould – so while international consignments are being coordinated at the headquarters in Tyrol, work is also being done on developing and refining custom semi-trailers. "Where there's a will, there's a way" is adopted as a slogan, expressing that nothing is impossible for Fluckinger Transport in its mission to provide every customer with a solution tailored to the specific transportation requirements, no matter how exacting the demands.

1987 - Fluckinger AB in Eskilstuna in Sweden

Just eight years after the foundation of the company, Fluckinger AB is opened in Eskilstuna/Sweden near Stockholm in 1987, providing a base in the main partner country for greater convenience in serving customers in Northern Europe.

1994 - Fluckinger truck on snow-covered road

Numerous awards and certificates attest to the consistent focus of Fluckinger Transport on quality, economy and ecology.

New warehouses and workshops are built in the year 2000 along with the office block which is the point of coordination, arranging the deployment of the trucks and organising their routes as they travel the length and breadth of Europe.

2000 - Andrä Fluckinger and truck

Hard work, commitment and professionalism prove to be a successful recipe – within 15 years the fleet has increased to over one hundred tractor units.

2008 - Fluckinger office complex

An extension of the office complex is needed in 2008. The entire site spans 37,000 m2.

2009 - Fluckinger Transport truck en route

The headquarters in Tyrol are extended in 2009. The 37,000 m2 site accommodates workshops, warehouses, hangars and a state-of-the-art office complex which is the point of coordination, organising the deployment and routes of the 220 tractor units travelling the length and breadth of Europe.

2016 - Fluckinger company building

Today Fluckinger Transport is one of the leading transport companies in Austria with annual sales revenues exceeding 50 million euro.

Stable values

In a changing world

Your goods are important to us. And so are our relations with our customers and business partners. That is why we attach great importance to reliability, trust and uncompromising quality. Because quality depends not only on what is done but also on how it is done. We value long-term partnerships where integrity and loyalty count. This applies not only to our customers but also to our employees.

Our top priorities are to carry out all the transport assignments entrusted to us smoothly and without any problems and to set up key accounts for our customers to afford them the personal attention they deserve. A flat hierarchy with a clear delineation of the responsibility of each individual employee enables rapid decision-making processes.

Safety, quality and environmental awareness are self-evident and are verified by regular audits and inspections. This applies not only to our services but also to our fleet which is always equipped to meet the latest standards.

Andreas Fluckinger with son Andrä
The next generation: Andreas Fluckinger with son Andrä


The actions we take today determine what the world will be like tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. It therefore stands to reason that the protection of the environment and sustainable climate goals are very close to our heart as a family-run enterprise. We strive to get to the top and to stay at the top in environmental stewardship, economic efficiency and social responsibility, and we have all the relevant certificates in the industry as documentary proof of our aspirations. Every award is both a testimony to our daily work and an incentive – not only do we want to meet our own highest standards at the end of the day but we also want to surpass the expectations of our customers with excellent quality at all levels of the transport industry.

AEO Certificate

AEO Certificate